Our Programs

Connecting Personal Health with Environmental Stewardship

The Maine Outdoor Education Program is committed to creating an enriching and meaningful opportunity that emphasizes ecological awareness and physical fitness. In order to achieve our programmatic goals listed below we have developed an interdisciplinary curriculum to compliment the students’ in school experience together with an evaluation system that tracks each student’s progress throughout their participation in the program. This year-round curriculum serves to connect students’ to their personal health, local landscape, and the communities that support them.

Our curriculum serves to integrate physical fitness with the stewardship of ecological resources. Students will explore topics such as geography, botany, zoology, and geology while participating in a fitness activity. We will provide teachers with grade appropriate goals and objectives for each fitness activity, discussion questions, and resources for further inquiry.  In collaboration with the school’s goals, we aim to inspire reading and writing opportunities that build on the use of technology and play a broader role in the communication of our events, happenings and progress.

Fall and Spring: Kayaking, Canoeing, & Mountain Biking


Winter: Cross-Country Skiing & Snowshoeing

Trip Preparation & Forms