Welcome to the Maine Outdoor Education Program

The Place in Maine for Outdoor Education!

The Maine Outdoor Education Program offers school age children three instructional fitness activities per year, in the fall, winter, and spring. Through this experience of activity in the outdoors the programs seek to highlight the connection between personal health and environmental stewardship. These activities are entirely free to the school group and include instruction from skilled guides, use of recreational equipment (nordic skis, snowshoes, canoes, kayaks, mountain bikes), and additional seasonal gear as needed

The Maine Outdoor Education Program is committed to:

  • Adapt to all ability levels and needs to create an inclusive learning environment.
  • Create a multi dimensional curriculum that builds skills from competency to mastery and links knowledge with experience.
  • Use interdisciplinary teaching practices to promote environmental awareness, lifelong learning, bold curiosity, personal health, and community connection.
  • Correlate the operating curriculum to the academic standards of Maine Learning Results.

Contact Us to find out how your school can join the program.